The Story of Marta and Chiara: an example of Inser’s best practice in insurance for travellers abroad

La Storia di Marta e Chiara: un esempio di best practice di Inser nell'assicurazione per viaggiatori all'estero

When you decide to travel abroad, it is essential to have adequate insurance coverage for the specific needs of your trip. To explain why, we will tell the story of Marta and Chiara (the names are fictional), two Italian girls who lived a difficult experience in Nicaragua and how Inser intervened decisively to ensure their safe return to Italy.

Sometimes traveling abroad involves risks and challenges that can vary greatly depending on your destination and planned activities. For this reason, it is essential to have a competent expert at your side to ensure the tranquility and safety of travelers, sure to be protected in case of unexpected events. The story of Marta and ChiaraMarta and Chiara, two brave Italian girls, decided to go to Nicaragua for a period of time as volunteers for Doctors Without Borders. Before the departure they had taken out travel insurance directly with a tour operator, who often does not have the same technical skills as an insurance broker experienced in the field. During their stay they found themselves in a difficult situation when they were involved in a serious road accident. The accident forced them to go to a local hospital, where they faced challenges related to the quality of health compared to Italy. However, the main problem was repatriation in a short time, an emergency given the seriousness of the health conditions. The insurance coverage available to them did not provide assistance for a quick return to Italy, thus creating a further complication.It is in this situation that Inser, thanks to the experience of its international insurance experts for those traveling abroad, has managed to organize the repatriation of Marta and Chiara in just three days. The role of Inser Spa and the experts in the insurance industryThe story of Marta and Chiara clearly shows how essential it is to rely on a competent insurance consultant when traveling abroad.Thanks to our extensive experience in the international travel insurance industry, we are able to ensure the protection and tranquility of our customers with a wide range of tailored policies that include medical emergency guarantees, accidents, cancellation of the trip, loss or theft of luggage and different other.Relying on an experienced and specific team, even more if you travel to distant countries, can make the difference for a timely solution of the problem.