Invest in employee well-being with the assistance of Inser

Investire nel benessere dei dipendenti con l'assistenza di Inser

How and why to guarantee new welfare policies within the company

In recent years, the concept of corporate welfare has taken a central role in successful strategies, becoming a key element to attract, motivate and retain human resources, as well as offering the company benefits in terms of tax and contribution reductions. Its correct application improves the quality of life of the employees contributing to their psychophysical well-being, increases motivation, productivity and loyalty to the business, finally guarantees economic benefits to the company itself, which can reduce labour costs and increase its competitiveness in the market. We can define it as a system of non-monetary benefits with the aim of improving internal well-being. Its key element is flexibility, as the company assigns the employee a credit that can be used to compose a basket of specific benefits. a) contributions for the education of children;b) crèche and childcare services;c) discounts and discounts for cultural events;d) supplementary health cover;e) repayment of interest on loans, thus support for the purchase of the first home;f) childcare services (babysitting) during working hours;g) contributions to the pension fund;i) financial support for the education of children;l) holiday facilities;m) gym passes or physical activity incentives;n) opportunities for training and personal development, such as study holidays;o) elderly support who need assistance. But if a company policy based on welfare is important for the employee, it is also important for the company for the following reasons:a) improve and increase the retention and motivation of human resources;b) optimises wages by reducing costs through non-monetary benefits;c) builds a solid corporate identity by demonstrating the company’s commitment to the well-being of employees;d) improves internal and external reputation by increasing employee satisfaction by attracting new investment. To get the most out of these benefits, it is essential to work with industry professionals and use appropriate tools. Inser can be the ideal partner thanks to its vast experience in the design and implementation of programs and policies focused on corporate welfare that can be provided through the Cassa di Assistenza Integrativa called "Fondo Tutela". It is the tool developed by Inser available to companies in order to obtain care treatments, in the mutual sector, and favourable economic conditions for its members in relation to their needs.