Inser Spa strengthens presence in Lombardy with the incorporation of S.Lorenzo srl

Inser Spa rafforza la presenza in Lombardia con l’incorporazione di S.Lorenzo srl

As of May 1, 2024, S. Lorenzo srl has become part of INSER Spa, find out the details of this transaction and its implications for the Lombardy market

As of May 1, 2024, S. Lorenzo srl is part of Inser Spa. This operation marks an important step in the company's growth strategy in Lombardy. In fact, it not only marks the transfer of financial control-completed after the acquisition of share capital in June 2019-but also reflects our ongoing commitment to expanding and improving the services we offer. This incorporation is the conclusion of a project and strategic vision aimed at integrating professionalism and expertise, and ensuring the continuity and excellence of services that our clients expect from us. This move also significantly increases our competitiveness in the territory and, similar to what has happened with other acquisitions, confirms our desire to maintain and strengthen relationships with our clients and the local market. Through this expansion, INSER Spa once again demonstrates its commitment to providing superior service that is appreciated and recognized throughout the country.