Inser Spa partnerby Enactus Italiain the missionof improving the world

Inser Spa partner di Enactus Italia nella mission di migliorare il mondo

On May 25 at the Trento Economic Festival

Inser Spa has always been committed to supporting and advising companies, new entrepreneurs and those entering the world of work, next 25 May will be in Trento at the Festival of the economy on the occasion of the seventh edition of the National Competition of Enactus Italy, as a partner of the project. Enactus was founded in 2016 and has an important mission: to improve the world by involving a new generation of business leaders, develop together with them innovation and environmental sustainability. These goals are achieved by bringing university students and faculty closer to renowned business leaders, bridging the gap between academia and business As partner of the Enactus Italia project, Inser Spa shares the vision of a better world through innovation and know how to do business with a focus on sustainability, support for companies and new entrepreneurs, and offers insurance and consulting services in order to support its customers to overcome the challenges of an ever-changing industry. We are convinced that the world needs the support of new generations, to promote innovation and know how to do business, to create positive impacts on people, on the Planet, on development and prosperity. We are therefore proud to be part of the project and to help shape a better future through collaboration and support for sustainable and responsible initiatives. All the info of the event here.