Ascom Parma activates the "Insurance Desk" with Inser Spa

Ascom Parma attiva lo

Ascom Parma, the Association of Entrepreneurs of Commerce, Tourism and Services, has signed a partnership with Inser Spa to activate the new "Insurance Desk". The objective of the service is to support Ascom members in the assessment of the most suitable and convenient insurance forms for their business.

Inser, specialized in the design of insurance solutions tailored to the specific needs of companies, offers a dedicated insurance check-up, analyzing the risks and evaluating the possible causes of accidents. In this way, together with Ascom, we will create ad hoc conventions and customized packages for members. The service also offers telephone advice and the possibility of taking out supplementary health insurance through the "Mi Tutela" policy. The counter is open on Wednesday afternoon, to book a free check-up appointment, advice and insurance management, contact the Ascom secretariat at 0521 298803 or by email