Beyond theunexpected

Innovation: the watchword that pervades our daily world.

You can find it on the agendas of all the world's governments, in the business plans of companies, in the dreams of our young people. It is not just about interesting business opportunities, but a real mission for the future. To try and change our little, everyday world.

Innovation, our attitude

SMART WORKINGThe world of work is transforming fast, not least as a result of the Covid pandemic, and people are learning to live with technology in a way that was difficult to imagine only a few years ago. In a complex context such as the one we are experiencing, where smart working brings work into our homes, there is only one goal: people's well-being and how to use technology to make the working environment more human.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEWithin the next few years, the use of artificial intelligence will grow exponentially in every business and social sphere, from education to socialisation, from work, to health, to entertainment. Making this work in a positive and humane manner is a complex and, in some respects, existential challenge. That is why at INSER people come first and the most advanced technology can always be found in a warm handshake.

MACHINE LEARNINGTechnology pervades our lives, fuelling the perception that everything is in flux. In our work too, it can be harnessed to build predictive models, capable of interpreting data and giving us the answers that we need in order to act. But this technology requires that people can develop the ability to reinvent themselves every day, to develop new skills and capabilities. we need technology to unleash our full potential.

ART, NFT AND BLOCKCHAINTechnology has changed the way we live, the spaces we inhabit and the desires we want to fulfil, work becomes digital, cities increasingly green and sensitive, our dreams and desires at our fingertips. In a context that is as fast as it is liquid, art once again plays a leading role within a world that is constantly evolving. Sociality, participation and sharing through new technologies, which make it possible to make even a totally digital work unique and authentic, we are preparing ourselves for a new way of getting excited.


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