Business claims: from threat to opportunity

Sinistri aziendali: dalla minaccia alle opportunità

We offer a full range of insurance services designed to protect you from direct damage and business interruption

Companies, large or small, are constantly exposed to a series of operational risks that can compromise the financial well-being and continuity of the company: fully understanding its effects is essential to ensure the survival of its business. In this article we will explain how Inser can help you protect you from material and intangible damage in a comprehensive and targeted manner. The claims, a thorn to the survival of the companyCorporate casualties take many forms, including fires, floods, theft, vandalism and workplace accidents. These are all events that cause significant material losses, putting the survival of the company at risk. But in addition to direct damage to property and structure, claims can cause long-term economic damage. It is so-called intangible damage, such as loss of customers due to a compromised reputation, legal costs and income losses due to business interruptions, maintenance of personnel costs or expenses related to electricity supplies. According to the latest data provided by Union Camere, the cost of indirect damage is on average twice as high as the direct one, which underlines the importance of protecting the company from this type of risk. Business interruptionInser offers a full range of insurance services designed to protect you from direct and indirect damage. In particular, in addition to including cover for each type of claim, we offer an innovative solution linked to business interruption, so as to protect the corporate contribution margin. The latter is very often neglected insurance, but it plays a crucial role for those who are forced to suspend their activity even if, on the other hand, it continues to bear significant economic costs. Protecting you is more than a moral duty, it is a necessity: safeguarding the present, protecting the future and supporting the company and its employees is a commitment that Inser can offer you with tailor-made insurance solutions.