Inser for the culture: support for the publication of the volume on Maria Luigia d'Asburgo

Inser per la cultura: supporto alla pubblicazione del volume su Maria Luigia d'Asburgo

Inser has recently extended its commitment to the culture and historical heritage of Parma

In this regard, we supported the creation of the volume "Maria Luigia d'Asburgo e il Casino dei Boschi di Sala", a work that celebrates the life and legacy of the illustrious Duchess of Parma. Presented as part of the XXIII "Week of Maria Luigia", the event of presentation of the volume was held Saturday, December 9, in the prestigious Hall of Festivals of the Museum Glauco Lombardi. This publication, edited by Francesca Sandrini, director of the Museum, offers an in-depth and varied vision of court life, architecture, art and the interiors of the Casino dei Boschi. Reflecting the interests and tastes of Maria Luigia, the work reveals an intriguing journey into the history of Parma. Next to the volume, the homonymous exhibition was inaugurated, open free of charge to the public until 24 March 2024. The exhibition, located on the ground floor of the Museum, includes objects and works of art that testify to the link between the Duchess and the Sala residence. Visitors and enthusiasts can deepen their knowledge through guided tours scheduled for January, February and March 2024. The volume, enriched by the contributions of experts such as F. Anedda, M. Bianchi, E. Fornaciari, G. Martini, F. Sandrini and F. Stocchi, is available exclusively at the bookshop of the Museum. Inser, confirming its active role in promoting culture, invites everyone to discover this fascinating chapter in the history of Parma, thus testifying to its commitment not only in the insurance field, but also in the enhancement of the local cultural heritage.