Inser spa alongside GioloCenter for "Emotions in Racing"

Inser spa al fianco di GioloCenter per “Emozioni in Corsa”

Inser spa has sponsored the 7th edition of "Emozioni in Corsa" of Giolocenter, an event that has been able to combine solidarity, sport and fun.

Inser spa is thrilled to have supported the 7th edition of "Emotions in Racing". This charitable initiative has raised about 26,000 euros, bringing the total amount raised in seven editions to over 140,000 euros. This considerable sum will be donated mainly to the City of Hope Foundation, a reality that promotes study, teaching, scientific research and assistance in the field of all childhood diseases, in the field of paediatric oncohaematological diseases. In Inser we are grateful to GioloCenter srl, the creator of this noble initiative, for letting us participate and we are pleased to know that our support, together with that of the other sponsors, has allowed us to cover the costs of the event, so that the entire collection of registrations can be allocated to charity. This year’s edition of "Emozioni in Corsa" marked another triumph, with 3000 participants creating an evening full of emotions, focused on solidarity and the joy of meeting. A fascinating wave of pink, the color of this year’s t-shirts, has invaded the paths of 4 and 10 km through the streets of Albignasego, reaching the industrial area where GioloCenter had prepared a refreshment point. This unique experience, in which sport, solidarity and entertainment are intertwined, highlights Inser spa’s deep commitment to supporting corporate social responsibility initiatives.