Protecting corporate credit: Inser's immediate solutions

Proteggere il credito aziendale:

In today's turbulent economic landscape, businesses face unprecedented challenges, one of which is credit protection

More 6% in 2023 and more 10% in 2024. These are the numbers of global corporate insolvencies according to a recent study by Allianz Trade, which adds a small caveat: the figure is set to rise. Going even more specific, more than 8 thousand cases of legal insolvencies are expected in Italy at the end of the current year (the increase from 2022 is 15%) and more than 10 thousand during 2024. The causes may be subject to different factors, among them prolonged pressure on profitability, reduced cash reserves, and restrictive financial conditions that have been prolonged longer than expected. These numbers should give pause for thought about how extensive and real the insolvency system is, especially at the end of the last, difficult economic period. Since businesses are the growth engine of society, we believe that protecting and controlling credit are among the main actions for the development of businesses, thus the country. Through its specialized team, Inser supports you in finding the best credit protection insurance coverage, providing effective tools against the risk of default, and does so through policies tailored to each company.These include:Short-term trade credit insuranceThis is a type of policy that covers losses resulting from the non-repayment of trade receivables that have short-term deferrals: if the customer is found to be insolvent, trade credit insurance can cover losses up to a specific amount.Medium- to long-term credit insuranceIt follows the same principle as short-term credit protection, but is designed to insure the business over a longer period, up to a maximum of 60 months. It is a suitable form of policy for companies managing long-term contracts.Export credit insuranceIt is a form of protection for leading export companies, and covers the risks associated with international transactions even on the individual customer-including any risks of political instability in foreign countries.Credit insurance for small businessesInser is working daily to ensure that even small and very small businesses can benefit from the necessary protection, offering greater financial security against non-payment. These are policies tailored to each client's needs.Constant monitoringIn addition, we offer services aimed at assessing the risk associated with your debtors through analysis of their financial strength and economic conditions that may change over time, as well as providing ongoing advice and support to develop the best credit management strategy.At a time in history when economic challenges are multiplying, relying on a trusted partner becomes essential to the survival and success of your business. As a result, credit protection becomes the key strategy to ensure the resilience and prosperity of Italian businesses.