Investing in culture: Inser and support for Lorenzo Lotto’s exhibition in Bergamo

Investire sulla cultura: Inser e il sostegno alla mostra di Lorenzo Lotto a Bergamo

We have always considered culture as the engine of the development of society and as a space for individual and collective growth.

For us, investing in culture means giving value to the past, strengthening the present and directing the future on the tracks of progress. For this reason, when we had the opportunity, within Bergamo and Brescia Italian Capitals of Culture, Inser helped promote the exhibition of "The letters of Lorenzo Lotto and the inlaid choir of Santa Maria Maggiore"from 13 April to 31 May 2023 at the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, in Bergamo. The growth of a community comes above all from the attention that, as a society, we turn to the culture, cradle and history of our civilization. We thank those who gave us the prestigious opportunity to contribute to exposing the letters and, consequently, to increase the spaces and cultural opportunities of the city of Bergamo