The Adelaïde Group announces 18% growth in turnover in 2023

INSER NEWS - Il Gruppo Adelaïde annuncia  una crescita del suo fatturato del 18% entro il 2023

This morning, Jacques Verlingue, Chairman, Gilles Bénéplanc, Managing Director, and Benjamin Verlingue, Deputy Managing Director, presented the Group's results and highlights for the year just ended.

In 2023, the Adelaïde Group's growth accelerates and its performance exceeds its objectivesIn 2023, the Adelaïde Group will achieve a total turnover of 400 million euros, an increase of 18% compared to 2022.  These results exceed the targets set and the Group's strategic ambition to achieve a turnover of more than 400 million euros by the end of the IMPACT24 plan.Thanks to new acquisitions in Europe, the Group is continuing its internationalisation policy, with 25% of its business generated outside France. Over the last 4 years, the Group has made 9 acquisitions or participations (*).At the same time, the Group is stepping up its innovation and digitalisation efforts by launching distinctive new services for its customers, particularly in the property sector with Goodloc, as well as new customer extranets and a new mobile application for Génération.In 2023, customers once again confirmed their relationship of trust with the Group's teams, both in terms of customer experience and continuous improvement in service quality, expressing full satisfaction in the Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey."In a fast-moving industry, our positioning as an independent broker allows us to thrive while ensuring very sustainable growth and reconciling a personalised and profitable approach. We are proud of these results, which testify to the unwavering commitment of our teams and the solidity and efficiency of our Group, which will celebrate its 90th anniversary in 2023," said Jacques Verlingue, Chairman of the Adelaide Group.Verlingue, the subsidiary specialising in corporate protection, which has been managed by Anne-Jacques de Dinechin since mid-2023, recorded total revenue of €285 million in 2023, an increase of 19%, of which 50% was organic growth. Verlingue's activities outside France account for 35% of this total, thanks to an external growth strategy that has seen the creation of new offices in Europe, notably in Italy with the acquisition of a majority stake in the Italian broker Inser, and in the UK.Over the last 4 years, Verlingue has made 4 acquisitions outside France - in Portugal (2020 and 2022), Italy (2023) and the UK (2023) - and 2 acquisitions in France - Cabinet Depeyre and Depeyre Solutions (2023).Génération, which specialises in the management of health and social care contracts, is consolidating its growth with an increase of 18% compared with 2022, reaching a turnover of €102 million in 2023.  This growth will be accompanied by an expansion of the client base, with more than 2.4 million beneficiaries in the health sector and 1.1 million in the pension sector, for a total of €1.6 billion in benefits paid out. In addition, the personal lines business is showing promising growth with more than 150,000 members.  At the same time, Génération is continuing its territorial expansion with the opening of a new office in Saint-Nazaire, consolidating its multi-site strategy.In 2023, Cocoon, which specialises in the distribution of health and pension insurance to individuals, strengthened its management team with the arrival of Fanny Ridet as General Manager.  With a turnover of 13 million euros, Cocoon aims to become a recognised player in the digital and ethical distribution of integrated healthcare solutions."In this 2024, we are pleased to maintain the dynamic development of the Adelaide Group and to exceed the objectives of our ambitious strategic plan. Our results continue to grow steadily, fully demonstrating our commitment to delivering ever greater value to our customers," said Gilles Bénéplanc, Chief Executive Officer of the Adelaïde Group.Adelaïde confirms its ambition to become a leading broker in Europe thanks to its independent and family-run modelOne year after the official conclusion of the Impact 24 strategic plan, the Adelaïde Group's growth is dynamic and in line with its objectives, and its financial performance is also on target.With an increase in the percentage of Verlingue's turnover generated internationally, the Group is firmly committed to European expansion."Our performance demonstrates our commitment to the European strategy. As an independent, family-owned company, we want to preserve this identity while expanding our activities in France and abroad.  These results confirm our ability to offer an alternative to large global or financial brokers," says Benjamin Verlingue, Deputy CEO of the Adelaïde Group.  A future change of leadership in the name of innovation and growthIn 2024, there will be a major change in the Group's leadership when Benjamin Verlingue takes over from Jacques Verlingue as Chairman.  This transition is part of continuity and reflects a firm commitment to preserving the Group's independence and innovative spirit.  As the baton is passed from one generation to the next, the Adelaïde Group can count on a solid foundation and an established strategic position.With a team of more than 2,500 employees, Adelaïde aims to recruit more than 250 new talents in 2024, in addition to the 300 new employees who joined the Group in 2023.  The Group will continue to promote a policy of training, integration and development to support the professional development of its employees.  The Adelaïde GroupThe Adelaïde Group specialises in consulting, brokerage, distribution and insurance management. Its raison d'être is to enable its clients to conduct their business through good risk control, helping them to protect their business and their employees.  For more than 90 years, the Group has never stopped taking risks, growing and reinventing itself to become one of the leading insurance brokers in France, with three successful companies: Verlingue, Génération and Cocoon. Organic growth and strategic acquisitions, international expansion and digital transformation are the 4 objectives the Group has set itself to build a large, family-owned and independent insurance brokerage group on a European scale.  2,500 employees | 3,000 million euros in negotiated premiums | 2.4 million insured in the health sector and 1.1 million in the pension sector | present in 5 European countries: France, UK, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy | (*) 5 acquisitions or participations outside France - Portugal (2020 and 2022), Italy (2023) and the United Kingdom (2023) - and 4 in France - Angelus (2022), Zenioo (2022), Cabinet Depeyre (2022) and Depeyre Solutions (2022).