Cyber Risk Management: a journey of partnership towards corporate security

Il Cyber Risk Management: un Viaggio di partnership verso la sicurezza aziendale

In the digital age, the risk of suffering a cyber attack is an unavoidable reality for both companies and people; every day we are exposed to threats that seriously endanger our security and, above all, our well-being.

The latest statistics state that hackers can hack corporate systems at 93%, because of their extreme vulnerability; small and medium-sized enterprises are the most affected and fragile realities; the block of the activity turns out to be one of the more considerable damages for a company that makes of the time one precious resource. Other data state that SMEs are not able to defend themselves against a hacker threat, nor to recover from the financial damage suffered, and, despite this, most companies have not yet purchased insurance coverage that offers adequate cyber risk protection. The insurance market used to be limited to suggesting but today it demands the active participation of the company in risk management. Thus, in an evolving world threatened by real and new risks, it becomes essential to undertake a corporate path, first of all of analysis and study of their vulnerabilities, in a second moment of protection and defense through the weighted insurance transfer able to guarantee corporate welfare and cyber security. The great journey to cybersecurityImagine this route as if it were a coast to coast journey that starts from an uncertain and unpredictable place to reach a safe landing place, made of tranquility and prosperity; a great journey in which the company looks forward with foresight to acquire awareness of the risks to which it is subject. If you think about it, it’s exactly like this: a motorist prepares for the long journey with in his hand the precise and detailed map that indicates the current location, the destination to reach and the road to go. The map is the fundamental tool to understand how many kilometers have to be made, if you have adequate resources and, consequently, if you have to vary the route. Things, people, safety: the right wayBased on our decades of experience, we endorse what has been said: against cyber risk the insurance solution is only the last stage of the great journey, extremely important, but what matters is the path that together we will take. The three milestones of the coast to coast are called "things", "people" and "security". The first concerns the improvement of company hardware and software, because the protection of digital resources is essential to counter external threats; the second, people, requires special attention to staff training: Being aware of your assets and human resources means you have a great advantage over cyber threats, so it’s critical to update employees on phishing techniques and raise awareness about cybersecurity. Finally, the last and most important stage, safety: it implies the conscious and necessary transfer of residual risk to insurers. As we said, it is the last leg of the journey, the one that at the end of the coast to coast will bring us to our destination, our safe haven. Keep in mind: things, people, security are the necessary formula against every cyber threat. La partnership con Inser e il risk managmentWe care about the company’s interests and well-being, and believe cybersecurity is an unprecedented priority these days. It is a risk that cannot be faced alone, because you are never fully prepared, nor do you have the necessary means. If we think about it, cyber risk is exactly like sports doping: it always manages to be one step ahead and to escape the controls. This is why we need industry experts, who together with companies are able to consolidate an iron alliance against real risks. The journey we talked about will thus become a strong partnership: together we will plan the strategy, organize risk management tailored to the company, face the challenges to protect things and people from the threats of the virtual world. We are aware that every travel destination, with time, turns into the initial stage of a subsequent, you must always be ready to start again, to get back into the game by updating our hand luggage on the basis of previous experiences. let's do it together.