Agibroker joins the Inser group

In recent days, the acquisition of the company Agibroker, a forty-year-old company from Vicenza, by Inser, one of the most important insurance brokerage companies in the Italian market with a branch already operating in Vicenza, has been completed.

It was Alberto Galletti, at the end of the seventies, who set up a staff of specialists and made insurance consulting a real «mission», spreading the culture of insurance risk and becoming a reference point for businesses in an entire territory. This is thanks to a constant work of support to the customer and above all to the construction of insurance products tailored to small or large companies and in particular for the entire goldsmith industry. The integration of the organizational structure of Agibroker and the consequent expansion of the Vicenza headquarters are added to the headquarters of Trento and the offices of Milan, Brescia, Bergamo, Vicenza, Udine, Parma and Rieti with a national team of over 150 employees and collaborators. "We are very satisfied with the operation, which was possible thanks to the valuable contribution of Dr. Gherardo Barbini, President of WIN srl. In the process of continuous expansion that we are realizing from some years, we have characterized in Agibroker an ideal partner for the common approach to the market and the customer - commented Inser CEO Pierpaolo Ruggeri. Moreover, with this acquisition we enter the capital of WIN, independent wholesale broker and strategic partner for our company". Inser’s portfolio consists of companies belonging to the industrial sector, multiutilities, services and public bodies for a total of over 110 million euros of intermediated premiums; also has a structured network of foreign companies that allow risk protection in the five continents. "Ours is a company of Vicenza tradition that has won the trust of companies - explains Alberto Galletti, Managing Director of Agibroker, who joins the "family" Inser with all the organizational structure, "and in this great company we have the opportunity to continue to adhere to our distinctive principles of Made in Italy but also to strengthen the offer and covers, opening up to new services and improvement paths. The respect of people and their human and professional value, as well as a direct approach to the customer and the construction of a service «tailor made» are common elements to Inser and Agibroker on which we will continue to work grafting new projects". "This step represents a great opportunity for us - added Luca Rondina who, together with Barbara Rigolon, directs the current Inser offices in Vicenza, ”We will start immediately a program of continuous training of new staff, aimed at sharing business procedures and playing team but it is with the new services that you can get the greatest benefits for customers". Following the regulatory and market evolution, Inser has developed Risk Management, Risk Assessment and Crisis Management solutions and has created an International Division that, through the worldwide network Aesis, offers support to Italian companies operating abroad and to foreign companies operating in Italy. "An important advantage for the industrial fabric - concludes Barbara Rigolon -. "The pandemic then raised the demand for benefits to protect human resources and Inser has developed interesting exclusive health care solutions for employees, managers and collaborators".