Verlingue entra nel mercato italiano e rafforza la sua posizione in Europa: conclusa l'acquisizione della partecipazione di maggioranza di ISA in INSER

Verlingue enters the Italian market and strengthens its position in Europe: the acquisition of the majority shareholding of ISA in INSER has been completed

Verlingue acquires majority ownership of ISA in INSER.

Verlingue entra nel mercato italiano e rafforza la sua posizione in Europa: conclusa l'acquisizione della partecipazione di maggioranza di ISA in INSER

Verlingue announces the acquisition of INSER S.p.A. In line with the strategic plan Verlingue 2024, the French Group consolidates the objective of building a large European insurance intermediation group, family-run and independent.

The objectives of participation in the Italian market are clear:

· Verlingue chooses Italy as the fifth country of expansion after France, Great Britain, Switzerland and Portugal;

· INSER represents the 7th international acquisition in just 7 years;

· Verlingue becomes majority shareholder of the broker INSER, one of the main independent Italian insurance intermediaries;

· the historical shareholder, ISA, remains as a minority shareholder to continue to support its growth path in Italy;

· all 160 INSER employees join Verlingue, whose international turnover now accounts for 35% of turnover.


Founded in 1979 in Trento, INSER S.p.A. is one of the leading independent players in the Italian insurance intermediation market. Its activities focus in particular on business risks and public procurement. The Italian broker, developed through targeted organic growth and a strategic programme of acquisitions, employs more than 160 employees in 8 offices in Northern Italy (Trento, Brescia, Parma, Milan, Bergamo, Vicenza, Udine) and Central Italy (Rieti).


Verlingue enters an important strategic market such as Italy, achieving its seventh acquisition outside France in just seven years, which saw the French Group arrive in Switzerland (2016, 2017 and 2019), the United Kingdom (2018) and Portugal (2020 and 2022).


This transaction on the Italian market consolidates and accelerates the implementation of the 2024 Strategic Plan of the Adelaïde Group: the objective is to position itself as a reference broker on the Italian market for micro-enterprises, SMEs, large enterprises and public entities. An important step that increasingly guarantees a European dimension to the French Insurance Brokerage Group, an independent family business, serving an increasingly international clientele.


The signed partnership provides for Verlingue to become the majority shareholder of INSER, while the historic shareholder, ISA, will remain with a minority stake, continuing to support the growth path in Italy.


Giorgio Franceschi, Managing Director of ISA, said: "We are very satisfied with this operation. In the Family Group Verlingue we have found a solid and credible international partner, which will now contribute to a new phase of development of Inser, historical and important participatory of ISA, that we have accompanied in its path of growth and in which we will continue to be present. The partnership between Verlingue and ISA represents a great opportunity to create value for the benefit of customers, employees and the whole territory".


Pierpaolo Ruggeri, Managing Director of INSER, commented the partnership: "Verlingue’s European project is exciting and Italy is a strategic country. Thanks to the collaboration we will be able to strengthen our development path, both through organic growth and through targeted acquisitions, to consolidate our positioning and offer a high quality service to our customers."


Benjamin Verlingue, Managing Director of the Adelaïde Group: "I am pleased that Adelaïde is expanding into Italy, which is the fourth largest insurance market in Europe. This opens up many positive prospects for our customers, who are increasingly international. In a consolidation industry, being a family-run insurance broker with an ambitious and long-term vision allows us to propose an attractive project for teams that decide to join our adventure. I am happy that INSER and ISA made this choice" .


Anne-Jacques de Dinechin, Managing Director of Verlingue: "Our international success is based on strong local management teams in every country. With the acquisition of INSER, we integrate into the Group a team of committed experts who will fully participate in our ambition to become one of the leading players in Europe".


About Verlingue

Insurance intermediary specialized in the protection of companies, Verlingue is a subsidiary of the Adelaïde Group. Committed to supporting entrepreneurs, Verlingue’s ambition is to make the management of business risks and the protection of employees a true lever of value creation and performance for its customers. With offices in France, Portugal, Switzerland, the UK and Italy, and through its partners in more than 100 countries, Verlingue accompanies its customers in the long term and at all times, to better understand and anticipate new risks with the aim of designing and managing, together with them, simple and efficient solutions to protect their activities (business risks) and their collaborators (complementary social protection and pension).

1,350 employees, of which 550 internationally

2.350 M€ of prizes negotiated on behalf of its customers

Present in 5 countries in Europe


Webinar su

Webinar on "Climate as a Risk Factor": Inser in Collaboration with Confindustria Bergamo

Webinar on "Climate as a Risk Factor": Inser in Collaboration with Confindustria Bergamo

Webinar su

Understanding the climatic dynamics and their consequences is not only an ecological duty, but is fundamental for the management of business risks.

In a world increasingly sensitive to environmental issues, understanding climate dynamics, their consequences and possible insurance protection solutions has become a priority for companies. This not only helps protect businesses and people, but can also help create business synergies between those involved in the financial, insurance and risk management aspects of natural events.


To deepen these themes, the Energy, Security, Environment and CSR area and the Credit and Finance Area of Confindustria Bergamo, in collaboration with Inser, organized a webinar entitled "Climate as a risk factor: scientific aspects, adverse event management and insurance responses". The event was held on June 23.


The program of the day included:

- 10.00: Greetings and introduction.

- 10.15 am: "The climate risk for companies; how important can it be? The situation in Lombardy", by Mario Martina, IUSS University School of Pavia.

- 11.00 am: "From risk to emergency: intervention techniques in flood damage management", presented by Carolina Balbusso, marketing and communication manager at BENPOWER.

- 11.40: "What answers from the insurance market, the proposal of Confindustria Bergamo", with the contribution of Marco Piasini, Inser Broker.

- 12.00: Debate and conclusion.


This webinar provided a valuable opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the integration of physical and climate risks into ESG.


Inser spa al fianco di GioloCenter per “Emozioni in Corsa”

Inser spa alongside GioloCenter for "Emotions in Racing"

Inser spa alongside GioloCenter for "Emotions in Racing"

Inser spa al fianco di GioloCenter per “Emozioni in Corsa”

Inser spa has sponsored the 7th edition of "Emozioni in Corsa" of Giolocenter, an event that has been able to combine solidarity, sport and fun.

Inser spa is thrilled to have supported the 7th edition of "Emotions in Racing". This charitable initiative has raised about 26,000 euros, bringing the total amount raised in seven editions to over 140,000 euros. This considerable sum will be donated mainly to the City of Hope Foundation, a reality that promotes study, teaching, scientific research and assistance in the field of all childhood diseases, in the field of paediatric oncohaematological diseases. In Inser we are grateful to GioloCenter srl, the creator of this noble initiative, for letting us participate and we are pleased to know that our support, together with that of the other sponsors, has allowed us to cover the costs of the event, so that the entire collection of registrations can be allocated to charity.


This year’s edition of "Emozioni in Corsa" marked another triumph, with 3000 participants creating an evening full of emotions, focused on solidarity and the joy of meeting. A fascinating wave of pink, the color of this year’s t-shirts, has invaded the paths of 4 and 10 km through the streets of Albignasego, reaching the industrial area where GioloCenter had prepared a refreshment point. This unique experience, in which sport, solidarity and entertainment are intertwined, highlights Inser spa’s deep commitment to supporting corporate social responsibility initiatives.


Inser Spa partner di Enactus Italia nella mission di migliorare il mondo

Inser Spa partner of Enactus Italy in the mission to improve the world

Inser Spa partner

by Enactus Italia

in the mission

of improving the world

Inser Spa partner di Enactus Italia nella mission di migliorare il mondo

On May 25 at the Trento Economic Festival

Inser Spa has always been committed to supporting and advising companies, new entrepreneurs and those entering the world of work, next 25 May will be in Trento at the Festival of the economy on the occasion of the seventh edition of the National Competition of Enactus Italy, as a partner of the project.


Enactus was founded in 2016 and has an important mission: to improve the world by involving a new generation of business leaders, develop together with them innovation and environmental sustainability. These goals are achieved by bringing university students and faculty closer to renowned business leaders, bridging the gap between academia and business


As partner of the Enactus Italia project, Inser Spa shares the vision of a better world through innovation and know how to do business with a focus on sustainability, support for companies and new entrepreneurs, and offers insurance and consulting services in order to support its customers to overcome the challenges of an ever-changing industry.


We are convinced that the world needs the support of new generations, to promote innovation and know how to do business, to create positive impacts on people, on the Planet, on development and prosperity. We are therefore proud to be part of the project and to help shape a better future through collaboration and support for sustainable and responsible initiatives.


All the info of the event here.